October 24 Quick Kicks Podcast- The Green Bay Packers Evolving Offense

The Green Bay Packers sit at second place in the NFC North after the Vikings’ great start to the season and the Packers offense has faced a lot of scrutiny. On the October 14 Quick Kicks Podcast Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield look at the Green Bay Packers evolving offense and why they have struggled at times over the past couple seasons. With one of the best quarterbacks in the game in Aaron Rodgers and a solid receiving corps with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, it would seem that the Packers offense should be top-ten in the NFL, but they have under preformed and people are looking for the reason why. Other topics include:

  • Why does the Packers offense, with so many weapons and Aaron Rodgers, struggle at times (3:28)
  • Does some of the blame fall on Rodgers for not changing the play call at the line like other elite quarterbacks (8:40)
  • Whether the Packers offense is disappointing because of the levels they reached from 2009-2013 (11:04)
  • Why do some teams enter periods where there offense stagnates (15:49)
  • Can the Packers win the NFC North if the offense improves, especially the running game (17:06)

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