October 19 Quick Kicks Podcast- The Impact of Perception of Coaches’ Tenure

One of the hardest parts of evaluating football is judging how much impact coaches have on their teams and how responsible they are for their success. Dave Archibald joins Chuck Zodda on the October 19 Quick Kicks Podcast to discuss the best way of evaluating coaches and the many variables that go into grading their success. Some teams are too quick to fire coaches for not getting to or winning the Superbowl, with the Texans under Gary Kubiak and the Eagles under Andy Reid being the most recent examples, even though fluke plays or poor rosters play a large part in underachieving. Other topics include:

  • How do wins above Las Vegas projected win totals impact coaches’ perception (2:10)
  • What type of effect do fluke plays have on a season and therefore how coaches are viewed (6:20)
  • What are the areas to look at to separate coaches impact from player impact (8:13)
  • Richard Sherman’s recent article in the Player’s Tribune on what casual viewers don’t know about playing conerback (10:03)
  • Dave Archibald calls out the Pylon U Podcast for their disrespect of the Rice University Owls (13:47)

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