October 13 Quick Kicks Podcast: Best Plays From Week 5 in the NFL

Week 5 had some amazing plays, but only two will receive the prestigious Quick Kicks Podcast Plays of the Week.  On the October 13 Quick Kicks Podcast Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield break down the best plays from Week 5 of NFL action. On the offensive side, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers stole a play from the Atlanta Falcons to use against the Carolina Panthers after seeing how successfully it worked against the Panthers when they played the Falcons, and were able to achieve the same results. The Minnesota Vikings are the recipients of the special teams play of the week as they bring out a quasi-zone blocking scheme on a punt return that leads to a touchdown. Special teams are just part of the reason the Vikings are undefeated. Other topics include:

  • The Harry Stamper All-Go Play of the Week brought to you by Tampa Bay using an Atlanta play to beat Carolina for a big gain (1:54)
  • How often do teams copy exact plays from other teams, as the Bucs did last week (7:00)
  • President Whitmore Special Teams Play of the Week courtesy of the Minnesota Vikings (10:10)
  • How many times do teams use a zone blocking scheme on punt returns (15:21)

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