August 22 Quick Kicks Podcast- Joe Marino on NDT Scouting Preseason Senior Outlook

College football kick-off is right around the corner. Joe Marino (@TheJoeMarino) of NDT Scouting joins Chuck Zodda on the August 22 Quick Kicks Podcast to discuss their Preseason Senior Outlook and what to expect from it. This is the first edition of the Senior Outlook and, as the name suggests, it looks at seniors in college football and breaks down their game and where they may fall in the 2017 NFL draft. Joe and Kyle Crabbs (@NDTScouting) of NDT Scouting offer great breakdowns of the college game and players and the Senior Outlook goes in depth on players that could be playing in the Senior Bowl in January.

  • What to expect from NDT Scouting and where did the idea come from (2:30)
  • Comparing NDT Scouting’s Preseason Outlook to the pre-draft prospectus (4:08)
  • How people can use the Preseason Senior Outlook to learn more about players (6:30)
  • Differences in Joe and Kyle’s player evaluation and discussing Minnesota quarterback Mitch Leidner (9:06)
  • Positions that stand out in the senior class in terms of talent (14:02)
  • How to get NDT Scouting’s 2016 Preseason Senior Outlook (17:23)

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