August 5 Quick Kicks Podcast – Ole Miss and the High-Speed Talladega Pace

No-huddle offenses have become a staple of college football, with the former Oregon coach Chip Kelly bringing the system into the mainstream during his time in the Pac-12. The August 5 Quick Kicks Podcast examines one of the outgrowths of Kelly’s high-octane offense, as hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield examine the “Talladega pace” of Ole Miss, and how this rapid-fire offense looks to keep opposing defenses on their heels. There are a number of different ways offenses can utilize no-huddle, and Talladega pace allows the Rebels to run a relentless style that also keeps things relatively simple for its skill players. Topics this show include:

  • “Talladega Pace” and what it means in relation to the speed of the Ole miss no-huddle offense, with Talladega being the fastest of the three options available for the Rebels (1:52)
  • The ability to go in and out of Talladega pace within a drive, as well as the ability to change up the formation and personnel group depending on the opponent for the upcoming week (6:28)
  • The Talladega pace utilized by Ole Miss versus Oklahoma State, and how the same formation and personnel still give the Rebels enough options to break down the Cowboys’ defense (7:51)
  • How RPOs and the multiples layers these plays present give defenses trouble despite the fact that Ole Miss can run the same play repeatedly, with different reads depending on what the defense shows (9:36)
  • How this approach is so difficult to depend despite the fact that it is relatively straightforward for the offense to run (13:07)

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