July 20 Quick Kicks Podcast – Sal Conti on Upfield Burst

There are a number of important traits for defensive linemen. Strength, quickness, technique, and intelligence are some of the key areas of focus for scouts. Digging deeper, we find that within those broad categories, there are a several critical concepts that go into the larger trait. The July 20 Quick Kicks Podcast features host Mark Schofield joined by ITP writer Sal Conti, as they examine the concept of “upfield burst” as it relates to defensive linemen. Topics this episode include:

  • The definition of upfield burst and why it is important for defensive linemen as it relates to their impact on opposing offensive linemen (2:17)
  • Myles Garrett and and how the combination of his intelligence and athleticism allows him to demonstrate outstanding upfield burst (4:42)
  • How the context of what is happening in a play sequence and a player’s reaction time gives insight into a player’s mental processing as it relates to the consistency of his burst (6:26)
  • The keys that defensive linemen focus on as they are trying to read offensive linemen and process the situation correctly (8:32)
  • Understanding the roles of defensive players in different situations and being able to interpret their responsibilities so as to evaluate properly (10:51)
  • The importance of examining different games and environments to gain and understanding of where a player’s advantages and disadvantages come from (14:26)
  • Standout features of high-level and low-level upfield burst and areas of focus for scouts (17:15)

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