July 13 Quick Kicks Podcast – SEC Media Week Kicks Off

Media week is here for the SEC, and that means that football is just around the corner. The June 13 Quick Kicks Podcast features hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield and fellow ITP writer Shane Alexander, as the three examine key storylines in the SEC heading into the 2016 season. With some significant turnover and a number of programs being watched closely, it is likely to be an exciting year for the best conference in college football, and this episode will help get you up to speed on all of the stories you should be following in the upcoming season. Topics this show include:

  • Shane’s top stories to watch during training camp and at the start of the season (2:18)
  • The outlook for Alabama coming off another National Championship for Nick Saban, and whether the Crimson Tide are poised for another title run (3:50)
  • Competiton for Alabama in the SEC West and who poses the greatest threat to them (5:58)
  • Whether any teams that have struggled in recent years are set to make a jump to the next level (7:39)
  • Can Tennessee break through in the SEC East (9:15)
  • The Georgia Bulldogs and how a strong defense should be able to make them competitive in the fall, and whether Nick Chubb will be back to his old self (10:13)
  • The strength of the conference and how close the SEC is to seeing balance between two divisions that have seen the balance of power heavily tilted towards the West in recent years (12:21)
  • Shane’s top quarterbacks in the SEC for 2016 (13:59)

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