June 23 Quick Kicks Podcast – Mark and Chuck Answer Your Twitter Questions

Inside the Pylon often receives a number of questions and comments from our Twitter followers, making it one of our favorite ways to communicate with our readers and listeners. Today, Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda dedicate an entire show to answering the questions our our fans, as we dig into some of the issues on your mind. The June 23 Quick Kicks Podcast features answers to a number of pressing questions from our listeners prior to the 2016 season. Topics this show include:

  • Of the quarterbacks not drafted in the first round in the most recent draft, who will start the most games this season? (3:44)
  • Why do NFL teams carry a kicker and punter instead of one player who can perform both duties? Is it because of injury concerns or something else? (8:45)
  • Who are your early Super Bowl picks for the upcoming season? (12:41)
  • Which ITP writer or editor is most similar to “Rockhound” from Armageddon? (12:35)

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