June 21 Quick Kicks Podcast – Kyle Crabbs on 2016 NFL Draft Trends

As we turn towards the 2016 season, it is always wise to take a look back to wrap up any lingering questions from the most recent draft before we dive into a new group of prospects. The June 21 Quick Kicks Podcast has hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield joined by Kyle Crabbs of NDT Scouting, as he discusses some of the trends and key ideas gleaned from this year’s draft, and how they can be applied in future years. Topics this episode include:

  • The major themes from this year’s draft, and which teams were able to capitalize on the 2016 offseason and put themselves in a strong position to be successful in the fall (2:47)
  • The Oakland Raiders and how their recent additions give them a chance to be a force in the AFC West over the next several years with a strong core of young, developing players (4:14)
  • The wide receivers drafted this year, and surprises both in terms of who went early, as well as later picks that may be able to outperform their draft position and provide strong value for their team (6:58)
  • Trevone Boykin’s slide through the draft, and whether his landing spot in Seattle gives him a chance to develop and acclimate to the NFL game in a good situation (9:04)
  • Attempting to answer the question of whether running backs have become so devalued that they are now undervalued (10:27)
  • Whether teams are getting better at identifying talent and properly valuing talent in the draft, and which teams are consistently able to come out of the draft with the most available talent (13:06)

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One thought on “June 21 Quick Kicks Podcast – Kyle Crabbs on 2016 NFL Draft Trends

  1. Such a great throwback! NFL fans will surely remember everything that had happened, and will look forward for what this year could give. Soar high NFL!

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