June 16 Quick Kicks Podcast – Bob Stitt’s Montana Offense

College football training camps open just a month from now, and it is time to start getting up to speed on some of the key players and storylines we will be watching this fall. The June 16 Quick Kicks Podcast features Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda breaking down the University of Montana Grizzlies, specifically focusing on the offense employed by head coach Bob Stitt and run by quarterback Brady Gustafson. Gustafson rose to prominence last year during his battles with North Dakota State QB Carson Wentz, and he will be eager to show that he has what it takes to be drafted next spring. Topics this episode include:

  • Stitt and how he utilizes the single-back offense, along with the key areas of the field and weaknesses this offense tries to exploit (1:24)
  • The key passing concepts the Grizzlies run, focusing on the fly sweep and the variations Stitt features in order to show different wrinkles depending on what opposing defenses employ to stop it (3:17)
  • The toughest thing for a quarterback to pick up in Stitt’s system and how Gustafson’s strengths are able to be featured in this offense (8:14)
  • The future development of the Montana offense as Stitt continues to add pieces that are better suited to what he wants to run, rather than relying on players he inherited that may not have the specific skills and traits he desires (9:44)
  • Whether running this type of offense is going to affect the NFL’s perception of what Gustafson is able to do at the next level (12:33)
  • Our Twitter Question of the Day, “Which second-round wide receiver has the potential to out-perform those selected in the first round?” (14:24)

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  1. You were going to do a third installment of Stitt’s offense focusing on the deep ball. When can we expect that?

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