June 13 Quick Kicks Podcast – Former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask Interview Part 2

The second part of our interview with former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask is here, as Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda host the June 14 Quick Kicks Podcast. In Part 1 of our interview, Amy detailed her 26 years with the Raiders and the intricacies of working in an NFL front office. This episode looks at her ideas about the future of the NFL as well as the state of the game today. Topics this show include:

  • The key areas of focus for the NFL over the next decade, both in terms of on-field product, as well as how the NFL must continue to grow as a business (1:01)
  • Amy’s upcoming book, You Negotiate Like A Girl, coming out in September 2016, and the key message emphasized by this publication (4:12)
  • Amy’s experiences at owner’s meetings, the types of issues discussed at those meetings, and the processes employed at those meetings that keep the NFL running (6:04)
  • The transition from the front office to the broadcast booth, and how Amy’s time with the Raiders helped to inform her approach as a broadcaster, as well as the hurdles to overcome in making this transition (7:29)
  • The Tuck Rule game and recounting Amy’s reaction as the latter part of that battle unfolded (13:31)
  • The most rewarding memory from Amy’s career with the Raiders (15:12)
  • The blur of Super Bowl week and the rapid-fire pace of Amy’s experience during one of the two years in which the Super Bowl did not have a bye week prior to the game (17:20)

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