June 10 Quick Kicks Podcast

It’s Friday on the ITP Quick Kicks Podcast and that means one thing – Kicker Friday. We dedicate every Friday to our slightly-smaller, slightly-weirder, slightly-overcompensating kicking brethren who help to make every game a little more exciting. Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield host the June 10 Quick Kicks Podcast and look at some specialist battles to watch over the course of the summer, as well as the proper statistics for measuring punter performance. Topics this episode include:

  • Jordan Berry’s 2015 performance as punter for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the strengths and weaknesses of his game (2:25)
  • Key data that is pulled from punt charting that does not show up in traditional punting statistics, and how this data helps to improve the picture of how valuable a punter is to his team (5:18)
  • How a team’s needs based on the struggles or successes of their offenses affects the type of punter that is the best fit for them based on the most common field position for punting and expectations for offensive and defensive units (8:00)
  • Will Monday, the undrafted free agent out of Duke, who is expected to compete with Jordan Berry, and the key focus areas for him as he looks to win the Pittsburgh Steelers punting job this summer (10:37)
  • Leg strength of specialists and the development curve throughout their 20s as they refine their craft and pick up the tools needed to replicate their technique more consistently (13:20)
  • The likely outcome from the battle of punters in Steelers camp this year (15:33)

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