June 8 Quick Kicks Podcast

Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield try out “Numbers Wednesday” (we’ll work on the name) on to get you through the middle of the week by bringing on one of the newest members of Inside the Pylon, Ethan Young. Advanced statistical analysis is becoming more and more common in the NFL and scouting communities and Ethan chats about how he’s contributing to that space with his own innovative statistics. Listen to the June 8 Quick Kicks podcast to hear the details:

  • Ethan introduces his statistical method, called Slaytics, and what he’s trying to measure (1:35).
  • How to use and contextualize Slaytics when using them to evaluate NFL Draft prospects (2:53).
  • Which rounds in the NFL Draft are good or bad for getting good return on draft value, including some surprising finds with Ethan’s data (4:13).
  • On whether Ethan’s system is applicable to free agency or not (9:40)?
  • Ethan discusses his first article at Inside the Pylon, analyzing whether or not teams should draft kickers and punters (11:18).
  • Why is it possible to wait until after the draft to find a good kicker and punter? Is it a function of too many good options, or are teams bad at evaluating the position (15:15)?
  • What projects Ethan is working on this summer (16:45).

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