June 2 Quick Kicks Podcast

June is typically a lull for NFL and college teams as they look to gather themselves before heading into the new season. We took one day of rest and are back at it. The June 2 Quick Kicks Podcast features hosts Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda discussing terms from the ITP Glossary related to the passing game so you can be more knowledgeable heading into the fall. While there are a number of different offenses in the pro and college game today, the focus today is on concepts from the “Air Raid” offense. Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • The “Mesh Concept“, detailing the route combination used as well as the general principles behind utilizing this concept (2:18)
  • The versatility of the mesh concept and the types of defenses it can succeed in attacking (5:14)
  • Variations on this route combination and how teams can create subtle wrinkles to change the type of pressure it puts on opposing defenses (7:11)
  • The “Y-Cross” and how it sets up a multi-level attack in the passing game that also spreads a defense horizontally (10:08)
  • The adjustments that offenses make in order to use the Y-Cross versus different defenses (13:31)

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