May 11 Quick Kicks Podcast

We continue our two-part interview with Dan Hatman, former NFL scout and current director of The Scouting Academy. The May 11 Quick Kicks Podcast features Dan speaking with hosts Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield on a number of issues related to roster construction and front office moves that typically occur during the summer months. This episode gives great insight into the inner workings of and NFL team, with topics including:

  • How players at the back end of a 90-man roster still end up making an impact on teams through practice squads due to injuries and roster turnover throughout the year (1:01)
  • Whether teams fill their practice squads or shadow rosters with players who may help simulate divisional opponents that a team faces twice a year (4:57)
  • Some of the key battles Dan is looking forward to over the next eight weeks and into training camp as well (6:28)
  • The three first-round quarterbacks, including who has the chance to make the biggest impact in the upcoming season, as well as who may have the greatest impact towards the end of their rookie contract (8:40)
  • Quarterbacks taken outside the first round who Dan believes landed in a good situation, as well as the quarterback who seems to have ended up in a difficult situation from a developmental perspective (10:09)
  • Would Dan ever take a kicker in the second round? (12:04)

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