March 14 Quick Kicks Podcast

Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield turn their attention to the sometimes ignored, but vitally important position of kicker on the March 14 Quick Kicks Podcast. Chuck breaks down his kicking rankings for the NFL Draft, focusing on traits that are important in the kicking game, such as aggressiveness, accuracy, and consistency. Here are some of the topics covered on the show:

  • Chuck announces his K1 – Roberto Aguayo – and explains why he holds the top spot on Chuck’s board (1:55).
  • Aggressiveness in the kicking game and why this is an area where Aguayo shines (2:58).
  • How will Aguayo handle the kickoff game at the NFL level (7:10)?
  • Chucks lists the other kickers in the NFL Draft who have a chance in the NFL (9:05).
  • The kicker equivalent to the 1983 quarterback class (12:23).
  • When it makes sense for a team to draft a kicker, instead of signing them as an UDFA (12:30).
  • Will we ever see a kicker drafted in the 1st round again (15:53)?

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