March 10 Quick Kicks Podcast

As the buzz from yesterday’s free agent frenzy begins to fade and thoughts start to wander back to the NFL Draft, sometimes it is actually better to take the road less traveled. Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield takes us down this road on the March 10 Quick Kicks Podcast, and rather than diving straight back into draft season, they take that magical detour. Where to? Rule changes the competition committee should consider heading into the 2016 season to make the game more exciting and to put a better product on the field. Topics this show include:

  • An addition coming from rugby: In addition to the longer extra point introduced during the 2015 season, teams kicking an extra point must kick from where they score on the field horizontally. This adds another wrinkle to the decision-making process as to whether or not to go for two in the event of a score to the corner of the end zone (1:57)
  • The ability to put a man in motion heading towards the line of scrimmage as opposed to just moving horizontally or away from the line of scrimmage. Also discussed is whether or not an additional man should be allowed in motion (4:28)
  • Changing the rules on ineligible men downfield on punts and other scrimmage kicks to allow for a greater number of formations similar to what is present in the college game today with the shield punt formation (7:22)
  • Attempting to clarify the rule regarding catches to make the rule more understandable and easier for referees to interpret (10:06)
  • Better ways to measure for first downs as opposed to the current system where different sets of chains are employed on multiple sides of the field with different roles in order to figure out where a ball actually is on the field (13:50)
  • With the NFL continuing to legislate kickoffs out of the game, forcing kickers to kick from their own goal line and having the receiving team start wherever the ball first touches the ground, similar to throwing events in track and field (17:21)
  • Mark announces his candidacy for president of the quarterbacks union in 2016 (20:53)

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