March 8 Quick Kicks Podcast

Monday saw one of the best quarterbacks of all-time retire, as two-time Super Bowl winner Peyton Manning called it a career after 18 seasons in the NFL. Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield are here for the March 8 Quick Kicks Podcast, taking a look at the highs and lows of Manning’s career as well as his place in NFL history. Topics this show include:

  • The comparison between Peyton Manning and Derek Jeter in terms of players who continued to find ways to contribute to their team in any situation (1:04)
  • A trait-based breakdown of Manning’s game and what the keys to his game were and how those traits compare to other NFL quarterbacks from this era (3:12)
  • Manning’s career and how his early years were marred by defenses that could not provide any cover for the high-powered Indianapolis offense, and the redemption in Manning’s second Super Bowl victory in that he was carried by the Denver defense instead (5:59)
  • Manning’s early struggles as a rookie and how instructive this is about how prospects must be given time to fail at the NFL level before a certain level of success can be seen (9:25)
  • How to go about comparing quarterbacks across multiple eras due to the drastic changes in the rules of the game that have encouraged high-powered passing offensives in the last 15 years (12:50)
  • Whether ranking quarterbacks compared to their peers and the relative level of dominance over their peers is actually the most efficient way to rank quarterbacks (16:04)
  • Our Twitter Question of the Day, “What is your favorite Peyton Manning game of his career?” (20:17)

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