March 7 Quick Kicks Podcast

As NFL free agency kicks off, a lot of focus is on where big names will end up and which team will win the 2016 offseason. Here at Inside the Pylon, we remain committed to fulfilling our core mission – providing football education at the highest possible level. As such, the March 7 Quick Kicks Podcast has Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield joined by current free agent tackle Mitchell Schwartz, and rather than talking about free agency, we talked about offensive line play. Topics this show include:

  • How much the average fan misses when watching a game, both on a detailed level as well as general concepts that influence the outcome of a game (1:27)
  • The difficulty in trying to identify roles and responsibilities through game film due to the impossibility of knowing exact assignments and whether a player is deviating from them on any given play (2:36)
  • The amount of communication on every play and the number of different reads that must be made by different players in order to have a scheme working effectively (5:51)
  • The difficulty of an offensive line in identifying rushers in varied alignments and the types of protections that are used to counter different looks from defenses (8:22)
  • The type of film study done by an offensive line and the key things that they look for when viewing an opposing defense (10:21)
  • The types of clues given by an opposing defense into what they may be doing, ranging from how a linebacker changes his stance to body lean from a defensive lineman (12:49)
  • The top things the average fan can begin to look at in order to understand offensive line play at a greater level than they did previously (15:01)
  • The chop block and cut block and the changes happening to these plays as the NFL continues to alter the types of plays allowed by linemen and other blockers (19:15)

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