February 29 Quick Kicks Podcast

With awards season in full swing for film, Inside the Pylon consulted the best film connoisseurs of the Twitterverse for our First Annual Football Oscars in the February 29 Quick Kicks Podcast. Hosts Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda take you through nine categories that mark excellence in football cinema, from classics such as North Dallas Forty to recent productions such as Friday Night Lights. This year, we awarded nine trophies for the best performances in various categories. Topics this show include:

  • The competition for “Best Non-Football Character”, eventually won by Mama Boucher from The Waterboy in somewhat of a runaway performance (2:12)
  • “Best Backup”, featuring a tight race between Willie Beamon from Any Given Sunday and Bobby Boucher from The Waterboy (5:21)
  • The comeback victory in “Best Specialist” for Nigel Gruff from The Replacements, despite Gruff trailing Vince Papale from Invincible who lost his early lead (6:54)
  • The stacked category of “Best Defender” and how Julius Campbell of Remember the Titans pulled out a win over Alvin Mack of The Program (9:14)
  • The incredibly-lopsided victory by Herman Boone of Remember the Titans for “Best Coach” (11:18)
  • The somewhat-unexpected victory by Shane Falco of The Replacements, and the disappointing performance by Jon Moxon of Varsity Blues, finishing in third behind Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass of Remember the Titans (13:45)
  • “Best Supporting Actor” going to Tim McGraw from Friday Night Lights, taking down Jon Favreau from Rudy (14:58)
  • The shocking victory of Matthew McConaughey from We Are Marshall as “Best Actor”, with Cuba Gooding Jr. being left stunned in second place (15:51)
  • “Best Football Picture” going to Friday Night Lights with 51% of the vote in a mind-blowing one-sided victory over a stacked lineup (17:28)

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