February 12 Quick Kicks Podcast

With the Super Bowl now fading into our rearview mirror, the February 12 Quick Kicks Podcast begins to tackle the offseason with a look at some of the key issues that are in play for teams as we had towards free agency. Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield delve into the sudden retirements of Calvin Johnson and Marshawn Lynch and how these moves may send ripples throughout the NFL in the offseason. Topics include:

  • Whether potential early retirements have to be something for NFL teams to prepare for after the moves from these two superstars and other players in recent years such as the San Francisco 49ers’ Chris Borland last offseason (2:48)
  • Other early retirements in the history of the NFL including Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, and Ricky Williams, and whether NFL teams need to do additional due diligence in figuring out the place football has in a player’s life (5:22)
  • Which of these two teams will have the bigger challenge replacing Lynch and Johnson, and whether the roles in which these players were currently used will make it easier for their teams to find capable replacements (10:50)
  • Our Twitter Question of the Day, “Who are the candidates to run the fastest at the combine this year?” (14:20)

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