January 12 Quick Kicks Podcast

Mark Schofield and Chuck Zodda are back for the January 12 Quick Kicks Podcast, this time looking at the craziness of the NFC Wild Card Weekend matchups. This 20-minute look at the big stories of this round of the playoffs covers the following topics:

  • The errors by each member of the Minnesota Vikings battery, detailing the issues with the snap, hold, and kick (1:33)
  • An in-depth look at the mechanics of long-snapping and how the snapper factors in to building a proper hold (4:20)
  • Why the kick Blair Walsh faced differs from the average fan being able to make a 27-yard kick, including a discussion of Chuck’s first-ever field goal attempt (7:11)
  • Mark’s experience as a holder and how he handled the interaction as the focal point between the long snapper and kicker (9:29)
  • What the tape of the Green Bay Packers’ offense showed and how it may have differed from what the box score looked like (15:12)
  • Where does Kirk Cousins fit into Washington’s plans heading into 2016 (16:56)
  • The key improvement that Cousins must make in the offseason as he seeks to build on this season (19:49)

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