ITP The Podcast Volume 1.8

Week 8 in the NFL is in the history books, and Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield are in studio for Inside the Pylon: The Podcast to look at the highs, lows, and everything in between. They are joined this week by Mike Backherms and Dr. Christopher Geary to help break down last weekend’s action and get you up to speed for Week 9. Topics this week include:

  • Breaking down the Denver/Green Bay tilt from Sunday night, looking at the ways Denver was able to neutralize the potent Packers attack, as well as whether this game indicates Peyton Manning is back to regular form (1:54)
  • A look at New England’s offensive attack on the first drive against the Miami Dolphins on Thursday Night Football (8:48)
  • The Harry Stamper All-Go Offensive Play of the Week, featuring the touchdown pass between Brian Hoyer and Nate Washington of the Houston Texans (11:42)
  • Mike Backherms helps to explain the concept of Offensive Success Rate (OSR) and Defensive Success Rate (DSR) data and what its uses are in terms of explaining where a team is successful or struggles on both sides of the ball (17:09)
  • A look at the “Mesh Point” entry from the ITP Glossary, focusing on how the technique works with regards to option offenses (23:56)
  • The upcoming matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in the disappointing NFC East, touching on the struggles of the Philadelphia offense and whether Dallas can weather the storm until Tony Romo and Dez Bryant return (28:21)
  • The battle for supremacy in the NFC, looking at the growth of Cam Newton on the Panthers and how the matchup with the Packers will help to shape the playoff picture in the conference this year (33:31)
  • A prank call to Dr. Christopher Geary (39:38)
  • Dr. Geary joins the show to discuss Week 8 injuries, as well as how the latest rehabilitation techniques have helped to improve recovery times for athletes facing common injuries (42:20)

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