Dan Hatman’s NFL Scout Movement Tracker

Every year the NFL scouting community engages in a shuffle, as personnel and scouts move between organizations. Sometimes these are just common movements from team to team, but other times, these moves indicate large shifts in front office philosophy. Dan Hatman has put together a NFL scout movement tracker to keep tabs on these personnel changes.

This draft tracker I have put together reflects the scouts and personnel moving into and out of each organization this offseason. For most cases, I have given the title of the incoming or outgoing person as they are publicly made available. Please bookmark and check back periodically as I will be updating this as the offseason continues.

If known, the team the individual came from/went to is in parenthesis.

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Dan Hatman is the Director of The Scouting Academy and writes for Inside The Pylon when not teaching future football scouts and coaches how to do their job.

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