ITP Glossary: Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt

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Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt

Adjusted Net Yards Per Attempt (often abbreviated as ANY/A) is a passing statistic that incorporates passing yardage, sacks, touchdowns, and interceptions. ANY/A is easy to calculate, easy to understand, and has a strong correlation with points scored. Like any passing metric, it is better used as a general measure of team or group passing effectiveness than as an individual statistic, as it does not control for quality of receivers, weather, offensive line, scheme, etc. It also does not incorporate quarterback rushing yards. Like any per-play statistic, it can be inflated by long gains; success rate can paint a clearer picture of an offense’s consistency.

The statistic begins with “yards per attempt,” passing yards divided by pass attempts. Sacks are added to both the yardage (as negative yards) and the number of attempts – this is the “net” part in the name. The formula is also “adjusted” by adding a positive multiplier for touchdowns (20) and a negative multiplier for interceptions (-45). The final formula is:


For example, in Eli Manning’s MVP performance in Super Bowl XLII, he completed 19 of 34 attempts for 255 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception, while taking three sacks for eight yards.

(255 – 8 + (20 × 2) – (45 × 1)) / (34 + 3) = 6.54 ANY/A

ANY/A is typically lower than raw Y/A. For instance, across the NFL in 2014, teams averaged 7.2 yards per attempt, 7.0 adjusted yards per attempt (includes touchdown and interception multipliers but not sacks), 6.35 net yards per attempt (includes sacks but not touchdown and interception adjustments), and 6.1 ANY/A.

The 2015 regular season leaders in ANY/A were: Carson Palmer (9.1), Russell Wilson (9.0), and Andy Dalton (8.9)

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