ITP Glossary: 10 Offensive Personnel

Football is littered with specialized terminology. From reach block to hip fluidity, commentators rarely get to explain everything you need to know before the next play. Inside The Pylon’s glossary was developed to give fans a deeper understanding of the game through clear explanations, as well as image and video examples. Please contact us with any terms or phrases you’d like to know more about.

10 Offensive Personnel

10 offensive personnel is a package where the five eligible receivers consist of 1 running back, 0 tight ends, and 4 wide receivers. The 10 offensive personnel package is something you see in every game regardless of the teams playing. It’s a flexible grouping, allowing teams to throw or run the ball. 10 offensive personnel is also utilized when a team trusts the running back in pass protection to pick up blitzes, given that there is no tight end on the field to assist with that role.

The 10 package can be run out of two different formations, either with the quarterback under center and the running back lined up in the backfield alone, or with the quarterback in the shotgun with the running back alongside. It allows a quarterback to change plays at the line of scrimmage based on the defensive front: either checking into a run, or into a pass.


10 offensive personnel can be aligned in different ways. Here the Seattle Seahawks use four wide receivers ‒ in stacks outside the numbers ‒ and one running back on a 3rd and 1 play against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIXPhoto 1

Below, the Green Bay Packers employ 10 offensive personnel, with running back Eddie Lacy split out left in a slot formation. Before the snap, they motion Lacy into the backfield, where he sets next to Aaron Rodgers. The Packers run a play action fake to Lacy and then finds Randall Cobb over the middle:

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Here, the Buffalo Bills line up 10 offensive personnel with Fred Jackson in the backfield, and he and EJ Manuel run a quick read-option look against the New England Patriots:

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