ITP Glossary: Tare Concept

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Tare Concept

The Tare Concept is a passing scheme typically run out of a 3X1 formation, where the outside trips receiver runs a vertical route to clear the sideline with the other two trips receivers running quick out routes. Backside, the single receiver runs a slant to the inside. The design of the play gives the quarterback a two-level read on the strongside. The quarterback reads this play to the trips side first, checking the vertical route before choosing between the two out routes.TareConceptStill1

Here, Joe Flacco (#5) hits Dennis Pitta (#88) in the snow on the inside out route for a short touchdown:

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This design also puts a lot of stress on the outside defender, via the coordinator’s coverage call, typically a cornerback. If he vacates the flat to stay deep in a single high or quarters coverage, then the flat is easy yardage. Should the CB squat on #2 in a Cover 2 concept, then the vertical has a big hole before the safety.

While the route structure is very similar to the stick concept, the difference here is that the inside trips receivers do not have option routes, but run out routes as designated. In addition, while the stick concepts can vary in terms of the backside route, the Tare concept uses a backside slant, for a good reason. But if there is man coverage in the secondary, the backside slant is an alert read for the quarterback. If the X receiver can establish inside leverage, this is a great place to go with the football:NFLReview9TitansPlay5Still1

That is exactly what Marcus Mariota does here:

[jwplayer file=”″ image=””]

The Saints employ Cover 1 here, with Brandon Browner (#39) in press alignment over Dorial Green-Beckham (#17). At the snap the rookie wide receiver uses an outside release to sell the cornerback on a vertical route, and as Browner turns his hips to run, the WR cuts underneath him on the slant route. Mariota places this throw right between the numbers, and Green-Beckham secures the catch and cuts upfield for additional yardage.

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