ITP Glossary: Mesh Point

Football is littered with specialized terminology. From punt gunner to climbing the pocket, commentators rarely get to explain everything you need to know before the next play. Inside The Pylon’s glossary was developed to give fans a deeper understanding of the game through clear explanations, as well as image and video examples. Please contact us with any terms or phrases you’d like to know more about.

Mesh Point

The spot where the RB and QB come together on a handoff or play action fake is known as the “mesh point.” Offenses today, at both the NFL and the CFB level, are incorporating more option and run/pass option (RPO) elements. On these plays, particularly the RPO schemes, the quarterback will put the football in the belly of his running back while scanning the defense and deciding what to do with the ball. 

On this first play, Ohio State uses a packaged play against Virginia Tech in their 2014 meeting. Quarterback J.T. Barrett takes the snap, and he meets his running back at the mesh point, where the QB makes a decision on whether to hand the football off or keep it himself:



Here, Marcus Mariota of the Oregon Ducks shows the mesh point as part of play action on a passing play:

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Mariota shows the handoff, meeting the running back at the mesh point, before pulling it back and throwing a vertical route along the sideline that goes for a touchdown.

The ITP Glossary is curated by Mark Brown. Others contributing to this entry are James Mastrangelo and Mark Schofield.

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