Video Breakdown: Tackle End (TE-X) Exchange Stunt

Inside The Pylon recently launched our Youtube Channel, for video breakdowns and the First Sound series, presented by Mark Schofield. Future videos will include animated diagrams, player breakdowns, film study, and some special guests. Today’s featured video was created by Brian Filipiak, Chuck Zodda, and James Mastrangelo.

Tackle End (TE-X) Exchange Stunt

Recently, Filipiak wrote an article on Jerry Hughes of the Buffalo Bills, featuring the tackle end exchange stunt:

Taking advantage of his change of direction speed and footwork, Buffalo frequently utilizes Hughes on, perhaps, the most common defensive line stunt in football: the defensive-tackle-defensive-end exchange or T-E (or TEX) stunt for short.

The preplanned movement of a T-E stunt has the interior defender go first, often slamming into the offensive guard and/or tackle, drawing blockers his way. This allows the perimeter defender, who will initially present an outside pass rush move by taking a staggered step or two straight upfield, to then cross behind and to the inside of his slanting teammate. When timed properly, this exchange should allow the crossing defender to exploit an open rush lane toward the quarterback.

Here is the visual representation of that description:

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Brian Filipiak knows about proper blocking technique,  how to defeat an overload, and the point-of-attack.

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