Carson Wentz Is Back: Read All About It

The offices of Inside The Pylon are generally closed on Fridays, the staff taking a day of rest before watching some Friday Night Lights re-runs. But word arrived that North Dakota State Bison quarterback Carson Wentz is back! The senior QB is going to play in the FCS Championship Game, so here is everything you need to know about the likely first-round draft pick.


First Sound: Carson Wentz Anticipation

A video focusing on Wentz’s ability to anticipate throws and throw open his receivers.

Mark Schofield on RSP Film Room: Carson Wentz

Listen and watch with Mark Schofield on RSP Film Room with Matt Waldman as they break down film from last year’s FCS championship featuring Carson Wentz.

Carson Wentz On Two: Decision Making

Wentz has the decision-making skills, and ability to stay aggressive regardless of the situation.

Carson Wentz On Two: Deep Accuracy

Wentz’s ability to deliver a deep and accurate throw make him a very intriguing draft prospect.

Christian Hackenberg and Carson Wentz: Facing The Weakside DE Drop

Mark Schofield looks at Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg and Wentz executing the same play, with different results.

Kevin Hogan, Carson Wentz and the No-Throw Decision

To throw or not to throw, that is the question for quarterbacks. The difference between a good no-throw decision and a bad one is easy to see on tape.

Carson Wentz: 2016 NFL Draft QB To Know

An early look back in July of 2015 at Wentz from Inside the Pylon’s former college QB, Mark Schofield.

Game Performance

Carson Wentz Led A Game Winning Drive

Before the injury, Wentz led a game winning drive against the Northern Iowa Panthers.

Carson Wentz Working On The Deep Ball

Wentz has been working on his deep ball with coaches, and as displayed against University of North Dakota, it appears to be working.

NDSU and Montana: NCAA Film Preview Part 1

Mark Schofield’s NCAA Film Preview Part 1 focuses on Wentz and the Bison offense.

FCS Playoffs: North Dakota State Bison Win By A Hare

Down late in the fourth quarter, the North Dakota State Bison rallied by scoring a TD with a minute remaining, allowing them to advance in the FCS playoffs.

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