August 15 Quick Kicks Podcast-Dave Archibald on NFL Special Teams Investment

NFL teams have very different philosophies on how to spend their money to make the best team possible. Dave Archibald joins Chuck Zodda and Mark Schofield on the August 15 Kick Quicks Podcast to look at one area, special teams, and how much teams invest in it. While special teams sees the field for the least amount of plays of the three units (defense and offense being the others) they can have a huge impact on the game. The different position groups of special teams, from kickers to gunners, receive very different contracts with very different provisions for guaranteed money. Other topics include:

  • Does investing more money in special teams make them better and Dave’s methodology for determining that (3:48)
  • How kickers’ contracts beak down and the best contracts to give them (5:13)
  • Contracts for gunners, the en vogue special teams position (9:48)
  • What types of position players make up special team units (13:09)
  • The importance of punters and the best stats for determining their value (14:42)

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