Rodgers to Rodgers

Beautiful offensive football takes teamwork and execution. The Green Bay Packers demonstrated this to perfection against the New England Patriots featuring the “Rodgers to Rodgers” of Aaron and Richard.

What’s The Rush?

Outside of a handful of occasions during the Packers’ 26-21 victory on Sunday, Aaron Rodgers had more than enough time to survey the field, manipulate defenders, and deliver bombs like this 32-yard touchdown pass to tight end Richard Rodgers:

[wpvideo d2YMcKeV]

With a hard pump fake followed by active feet in the pocket, Rodgers is able to keep the interior pass rushers off-balance and shift them toward the right. Meanwhile, defensive end Akeem Ayers is unable to beat left tackle David Bakhtiari (#69), who dominated this matchup all game long in a standout performance. With no pressure to deal with and nearly four seconds gone by, Rodgers has time to allow the deep post route to develop before dropping a perfect touch pass into the arms of his tight end for the TD.

All video and images courtesy the NFL and NFL Game Rewind.

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