This Week In Football’s Finest Writing – April 14, 2017

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For years, former CU and Broncos lineman Ryan Miller refused to tell his full story. Not anymore.

Nicki Jhabvala reveals how Ryan Miller, who was diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, pledged to donate his brain to chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) research.

Ex-Seahawk fights team over painkiller handouts that kept him playing NFL games while hurt

Geoff Baker bring us the story of retired Seahawk offensive tackle Jerry Wunsch who is hobbled by mental and physical ailments, and is waging two legal battles that cast a harsh light on the scope of painkillers used in the NFL.

Eagle Eye: Quick Scouts Davis, Williams

Fran Duffy dives into the film of Mike Williams and Corey Davis, two wide receivers at the top of this yearโ€™s draft class.

What happened to the 2017 NFL draft’s top quarterbacks during their worst games?

Jonathan Jones, Ben Baskin, and Jacob Feldman look at the best quarterbacks in this yearโ€™s draft class, but rather than focusing on their highlights, they look to see exactly what opposing defenses did to throw them off their game.

Female kicker makes college football history with scholarship

Jill Martin explains how Becca Longo is believed to be the first woman to earn a college football scholarship to an NCAA school at the Division II level or higher.

Drafting a QB In The First Round With An Older Franchise QB

Several teams have older franchise QBs, leading many to speculate that one or more of them will spend an early pick on a quarterback. Which made Chase Stuart wonder: how often do teams do in that situation draft a QB in the 1st Round?

Does Marcus Mariota’s success change the scouting of spread QBs?

Paul Kuharsky explains that while several NFL insiders say Marcus Mariota qualifies as an exception, some allowed that the Titans star could alter approaches in the draft.

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All 22 Podcast: Will the Seahawks trade Richard Sherman?

Our own Matty Brown discussed Tony Romoโ€™s retirement, the potential return of Marshawn Lynch, the Timmy Jernigan trade, a possible Richard Sherman trade, and to dive deep into the Seahawks with Ollie Connolly.

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