This Week In Football’s Finest Writing & Tweeting – February 1, 2016

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The Weekly Reading List

I Interviewed to Rebuild the Titans, and Here’s What I Would Have Done

Ted Sundquist was a candidate to be the General Manager of the Tennessee Titans, and he reveals all – from interview prep to team culture – in this exhaustive recap of the process.

Hollywood Moment Caps Silas Nacita’s Wild Journey of Homelessness, Ineligibility

Adam Kramer chronicles the journey of Nacita, who was deemed ineligible by the NCAA last season because he accepted shelter while homeless.

Man Coverage: How Loss-Of-Value Policies Work And Why They’re Becoming More Common

Andy Staples explains how college football players are using insurance policies to protect themselves from injury while waiting to become eligible for the NFL.

Al Davis: The Open-Minded Maverick

Michael Silver opens-and-closes this piece with anecdotes about what it was like to try and deal with notoriously cantankerous Raiders legend Al Davis. In between is the undertold story of a ground-breaking, status-quo-shattering iconoclast who paved the way for equality and refused to take credit for it.

TV Pioneer Lesley Visser Combines Grace, Style and Humor

John Ourand profiles the original sideline reporter, Lesley Visser, whose four-decade career in sports journalism is both an inspiration and testament to what one can achieve through professionalism and consistent, quiet quality.

Life After Football: The Art of Watching Game Film

Alex Kirby pulls back the curtain on the process that has led the ex-coach-turned-author from breaking down film to a film analyst.

The Senior Bowl Weigh-In

Matt Waldman takes us inside the absurdity of the process, kicking off with this gem of an opening sentence:

Ask me 15 years ago if I thought I’d ever be critiquing the butts of men and I would have laughed you out of the room. Looking back, I can say that time makes asses of us all.”

Don’t Believe Us, Just Watch: The Video/Vine/GIF Corner

Says David R. McCullough: “The NFL’s domestic violence issues are neither over, or forgotten. As the leading entertainment business in America, football remains the best platform to bring awareness to this issue.”

Says Ted Nguyen: “Some of the cuts he makes, makes my knees feel like they are going to explode.”

Says Philip Kibbey: “This is my favorite thing on the internet in quite a while. His panther growls are pretty good.”

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The Book Corner

Mike Freeman’s book, Two Minute Warning: How Concussions, Crime, and Controversy Could Kill the NFL (And What the League Can Do to Survive) is a tremendous read for football fans who care about the future of the game.

Fantasy football players who want to invest in next year’s success will find Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio invaluable before they draft next season.

Alex Kirby’s 2014 book Speed Kills: Breaking Down The Chip Kelly Offense should be one of the better selling tomes in the Bay Area this offseason.

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