This Week In Football Writing: January 18, 2016

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football content to our readers. This Week in Football Writing collects some of our favorite pieces from friends and colleagues last week and shares them with you.

Quick Thoughts on Catching the Football

Matt Waldman illuminates the process, importance, and evaluation of how a prospect catches the ball is more complex that “did he?

Look Out! Tom Brady Wants to Play Catch

Kevin Clark speaks to Donte Stallworth, Danny Amendola, Brandon LaFell, and future Hall of Famer Tony Gonzalez, who all agree: Tom Brady is crazy.

One Offseason Move for Every Team: AFC Edition

Jason Fitzgerald of Over the Cap suggests an offseason move for each team in the AFC there is an NFC version as well  with an eye towards their salary cap situation / issues.

The Haters Are Losing The War On Kickers

Benjamin Morris discusses the reasons kickers are hated, and why that’s a losing proposition.

First-graders Offer Vikings Kicker Blair Walsh Words Of Encouragement

Vineeta Sawkar looks at the day-after lesson plan for coping with (sports) loss, as well as the development of empathy. “For Blair Walsh. Keep on trying. Puppys are cute.

Seahawks Lineman Russell Okung Responds To Paul Graham’s Essay On Economic Inequality And Startups

Russell Okung takes issue with this essay by Paul Graham. Either or both are welcome to invest in Inside The Pylon.

The Great Mistake: Blair Walsh’s Miss Another Reminder That Kickers Are Not People

Joe Posnanski looks at the expectations fans have for kickers, and questions their humanity.

Renowned Psychologist Impressed With Seahawks’ ‘Culture Of Grit’

Sheil Kapadia speaks to psychologist Angela Duckworth, who researches predicting achievement and has a very specific definition of grit, which the Seahawks have embraced.

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Book Corner

Fantasy football players who want to invest in next year’s success will find Matt Waldman’s Rookie Scouting Portfolio invaluable before they draft next season. Pre-order discount ends on Friday, January 22. If you want an edge on your league next year…here it is.

Alex Kirby has announced the New England Patriots will be the focus his next book . In his last book on the Patriots, Kirby investigated “one of the last high-powered offenses to take the league by storm before the influence of the modern spread passing attacks came into vogue.”

Mark Schofield’s book on the 2015 college football season, 17 Drives, can be pre-ordered by emailing us.

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