This Week In Football Writing: January 10, 2016

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football content to our readers. This Week in Football Writing collects some of our favorite pieces from friends and colleagues last week and shares them with you.

The All-22: Watching Tape And Talking Shop With Richard Sherman

Doug Farrar sits down with Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman to watch film and talk football. We love this piece, and series, by Farrar who uses his access and talent to do wicked cool things.

How Alex Smith And The Chiefs Turned a Season Around

Jenny Vrentas has a detailed look at how the Kansas City Chiefs recovered from a 1-5 start to win 11 games in a rowm including a first-round playoff win over the Houston Texans.

The Case for Adam Gase

Vrentas profiles the new Miami Dolphins head coach, noting that he’s crafted productive offenses led by Tim Tebow, Jay Cutler, and Peyton Manning.

Football Analytics Q&A With Data Expert Trey Causey

Jacob Rosen spoke with professional data scientist Trey Causey about the use of analytics in football.

Are The Promises Of  Concussion Blood Tests Getting Ahead Of The Science?

Aaron W. Gordon looks the possibility that the concussion blood tests touted by some as “coming soon” might actually be farther off than these proponents believe.

The Rebuild: Cleveland Browns Make Radical Changes

Conor Orr recaps the seismic changes to the Cleveland Browns, who not only will have a new general manager and coach, but also a new front office structure and analytics department.

Why the Skins’ Players Are So Frugal

Kevin Clark explores why Washington’s players are driving beat-up cars and sharing apartments despite million-dollar contracts.

2016 True Cap Space

Bryce Johnston breaks down how to figure what the real cap space is for each team and why the numbers reported are often wrong.

Important Stats for the 21 Cap Era Super Bowl Champions

Zack Moore from looks at what the Super Bowl Champions in the cap era have in common.

How Russell Wilson Made The Leap From Super Bowl Star To Superstar

Dan Pompei goes into detail about how Russell Wilson has taken his game to the next level through hard work and film study.

Greg Cosell’s Film Review: The Problems With The Packers Offense

Greg Cosell is one of the best film analysts in the business and he turns his eye on what has ailed the Green Bay Packers offense in 2015.

How Did Brandon McManus Shank That Kick So Badly?

Tom Ley has a look at the pitiful effort of Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus in regulation, where he shanked a kick that would have won the game in regulation, and what he did right to make the kick in overtime.

Despite What You May Think, My NFL Career Was A Success

Former NFL quarterback Joey Harrington explains why he considers his career a success and how athletes view the world differently than fans.

10 Scouting Takeaways from Bowl Season

Jeff Risdon watched a lot of Bowl games and has ten things you should know about the games, the players, the coaches, and the NFL Draft prospects.

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Assigned to watch the Seattle Seahawks team boarding the team bus to the airport, Katie Cotterill broke the news that star running back Marshawn Lynch was not aboard. She was then pilloried for hours – by “professionals” who should know better. A shameful performance from people who treated Ms. Cotterill poorly because of her gender – and because they got scooped.

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