ITP Chat: Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings

When the ITP staff isn’t writing about football, chances are they are watching football. On Sunday afternoon, they watched and chatted about the Seattle Seahawks at Minnesota Vikings Wild Card matchup, and we have the results.

David R. McCullough: It is so cold replica Viking crap is breaking itself in protest

Andy Wiborg: Russell Wilson going without gloves to start.

Mark Schofield: Bud Grant in a golf shirt for the coin toss. Savage.

Dan Graulich: That guy is a beast.

Pete Hodges: Worked for William Henry Harrison.

David M: I’m really tired of cold talk.

Andy: Great ST coverage to open the game.

Pete: David, it’s January and it’s cold in Minnesota!

Dave A: Minnesota’s best chance on this drive is punting before 4th down.

David M: Mike Wallace? The first down signal should be reserved for when you make it to the sticks, dingleberry.

Shane Alexander: So glad to see Stefon Diggs be good.

David M: GO FOR IT! Love this decision. Sneak on 4th & 1.

Andy: Way to waste a timeout Seattle.

Dan G: Yeah, most likely Lockett is going to fair catch this punt anyway.

Andy: WTF.

Pete: D’oh.

Dave A: Paging Chuck Zodda, Mr. Zodda to the courtesy phone.

David M: Punter landed on his face. And he’s hurt. Presumably his face hurts.

Shane: A punter tried to hurdle for a first down. Not smart, but love his #grit.

Dave A: This is a bad game to have your punter hurt.

Chuck Z: Sorry missed the first couple minutes. Rewinding. What happened?

Dave A: Low snap on Seattle’s first punt, Jon Ryan tried to run for it.

He… didn’t make it.

Pete: It was a valiant effort.

David M: Ryan with a bloody, possibly broken nose.

Chuck Z: I believe that’s lesson one as to why to never leave your feet as a runner.

Andy: I’m impressed Ryan hung onto that football.

Dave A: Teddy Bridgewater put some zip on that throw.

Andy: Good job only allowing 3 points.

Chuck Z: That’s a really impressive hold in those conditions.

Dan G: No blitzes from Seattle yet.

Dave A: I doubt there will be much blitzing Dan. Bad Vikings line, plus mostly short passes means it doesn’t make a lot of sense

Dan G: Christine Michael is a completely different back since he’s come back to Seattle.

Andy: It’s like he realized he needed to get it together or something.

Daryl Sng: If we do a Christine Michael article can it be titled A Boy Named Christine?

Chuck Z: Beautiful tackle there. Thought that had first down written all over it.

Dave A: Wilson doesn’t look sharp, almost like it is freezing cold there or something.

Chuck Z: I can’t even imagine kicking a ball in these conditions. It’d be like slamming your foot against a brick.

Andy: Steven Hauschka spent all week kicking balls that were stored in a freezer set to 4F.

Chuck Z: The lack of circulation to feet could make the kicking game really interesting here. If anyone can ever score. You lose control of your fine motor skills pretty quickly at those temps and I always had low trajectories then because I couldn’t get my contact point right.

Andy: Another low snap from Clint Gresham.

Dave A: Looked to me like Seattle got away with a hold up the middle. Minnesota should go more all-out to block, given Seattle’s long snapper has messed up the first two snaps and the kicks today have been too short for good returns anyway

Chuck Z: The Vikings should be bringing real pressure. 2.2 seconds snap to kick there. It should be 1.8-2.1 seconds.

Andy: Earl Thomas with a great breakup.

Chuck Z: Great range.

Andy: Seattle having issues with the noise.

David M: Ironic, in the Alanis sense of the term.

Andy: Ballsy play call here.

Chuck Z: This is like a college game. Can’t kick from outside 45.

Even though they didn’t get it I think that’s the right call.

Dave A: I think they needed to be more aggressive on 3rd if they were going for it on 4th.

Dan G: Yeah, no way to kick that.

Chuck Z: Yeah the 3rd down call is the bigger issue there.

Dan G: The offense has had hints of coming on strong, but no consistency yet.

Shane: Minnesota just needs to keep riding Adrian Peterson and running at Michael Bennett. Feel like that’ll do two things:

  1. Bust an AP run eventually.
  2. Set up a formidable play-action concept with Kam Chancellor creeping toward the LOS.

Craig Craker: Just got to a TV. What’s the deal with the delay of games?

Chuck Z: Looks like slow getting play in. Pass Interference there. Not even close.

Andy: That one was obvious.

Pete: C’mon, that was incidental.

Andy: LOL, Pete.


Pete: DB just wanted some body warmth.

Chuck Z: I almost wonder if under throwing a sideline go route isn’t a bad way to go about things in that situation if you know it’s just single-man coverage.

Dave A: Under normal circumstances Chuck or under these conditions?

Chuck Z: Both to a certain extent

Dan G: Baldwin was WIDE open.

Andy: That was a poor throw.

Dan G: And that’s the half.

Chuck Z: Textbook Ryan there. Anyone else laughing at Gilliam just standing there?

David M: *Controller disconnected*

Pete: Whoa.

Chuck Z: What a catch.

Courtesy: NBC
Courtesy: NBC

Andy: That’s my pedestrian receiver.

Chuck Z: Big series for the defense there. Had been on their heels.

Shane: Seattle stays off rhythm.


Pete: Gained about five yards on that pick.

Craig: Russell looks terrible.

David M: That was a ​terrible throw. Like, first half of the NFCCG last year terrible.

Shane: Seattle keeps hurrying through the process. Hurried processes lead to broken plays and turnovers. You’d think a playoff savvy team would be more in rhythm.

Andy: Wilson has no touch on the ball today.

Dave A: Peterson needs to know when to just suck it up and take a two-yard loss.

Andy: Drilled that kick with no issues. Ooof… laces in.

Pete: Laces in? You had one job!

Craig: Gonna be an angry crowd if this score holds up.

Shane: Minnesota is so well coached on defense. They’re just stifling.

Dave A: Yeah Shane, I’ve been impressed. Riding that line between aggression and discipline well.

Andy: I keep waiting for those second half adjustments to show up for the Seahawks.

Dan G: Brains are all frozen solid.

Andy: That ball wasn’t catchable.

Dave A: That was pass interference on both of them.

Andy: Big defensive stop.

Pete: Am I the only one that saw the hit to Bridgewater’s head and thought they were gonna throw a flag?

Andy: I expected it to be called.

Andy: I really hate how commentators talk about how good the Vikings were to draft Diggs in the 5th round (or anyone late for that matter). Because at that point it is a lottery ticket type of pick with a whole lot of luck involved. If the player was that good they would have gone much earlier.

Shane: Diggs was a hard evaluation. 5-star, all-world recruit out of Maryland. Never really got over the hump and broke out. Had a injury or two. It was like “if this guy ever gets in a good spot and some things happen, he could be a stud.”

But you’re right Andy. If he ends up in Cleveland or San Francisco or something, who knows how he’s used/misused.

Dave A: If I recall correctly, Scott Pioli had a picture of Tom Brady (famously taken in the 6th round) on his desk… but also had Dave Stachelski (some TE they took a round earlier) to remind him of his luck.

​There’s a huge amount of luck in the draft in general and I think overly praising or condemning front offices for good or bad drafts is somewhat misguided. On the other hand, the scouting departments put a lot of work into these guys, even the late-rounders.

Andy: Great play call on that 3rd and 2.

Pete: Just like they drew it up.

Andy: That’s the luck Seattle needed.

Andy: That play is all Russell Wilson’s experience.

Shane: Let Russell Wilson be great.

Chuck Z: Let’s see what Hauschka does on the extra point.

Andy: We have ourselves a ballgame.

Chuck Z: Hauschka’s back to right hash now. Ha. He looks so much better from over there

Dan G: He needs to stay there, then fix it in the offseason.

Chuck Z: Agreed.

Photo Courtesy of (Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times
Photo Courtesy of Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times


Dan G: There’s the turnover we needed.

Chuck Z: Peterson has always had fumble issues.

Dave A: Peterson has been the worst player on the field today, amazingly. Except for maybe Seattle’s long snapper.

Andy: I was just about to start complaining about how well the Vikings had been taking care of the ball today.

Chuck Z: Good defense by Lockett.

Andy: Lockett didn’t look at all open there.

Chuck Z: Need a couple yards for a FG

Andy: Good pressure by Minnesota.

Chuck Z: 47 yards here is a really long kick.

Andy: I’m really nervous about this kick.


Shane: What a kick.

Chuck Z: Beautiful kick there.

Andy: Has anyone heard Bruce Irvin‘s name at all today?

Chuck Z: Seattle looked like crap for 3 quarters but they aren’t losing this now.

Dan G: No, Irvin’s been really quiet. Haven’t heard anything from Clark either.

Andy: WTF happened there?

Shane: What the heck?

Chuck Z: Hoyer Crap!

Pete: Not how they drew it up.

Andy: #21 on Minnesota almost touched that ball.

Shane: Yep. Saw that too.

Andy: Great pressure on the delayed blitz.

Dan G: Nice play, Jeremy Lane.

Andy: I’m pretty sure Lane coming back is as big at Chancellor’s coming back was.

Dan G: Russell needs to vary the snap count to keep the DL honest.

Andy: Read option play action pass coming here?

Dave A: Seattle’s punting operation got their issues figured out after the first two.

Chuck Z: Returner has to catch that on the fly.

Andy: How is that defensive pass interference?!

Dave A: I don’t get it, why wouldn’t that be DPI?

Pete: Yeah, that was interference. He knocked him off his route

Shane: I feel like Rudolph just ran straight into him. Contact on both, so I’d just let to go.

Pete: Yeah, but Rudolph can’t run into him if he’s not playing the ball.

Shane: I hate late flags. Maybe I’m being irrational.

Chuck Z: I thought it was goaltending.

Andy: What confuses me on the Chancellor DPI call is that the NFL has been calling that offensive pass interference on the tight end all season and now they don’t.

[jwplayer file=”” image=””]

Pete: Wow.

Andy: !!!!!!!!!!!HOYER SHIT!!!!!!!!!

Chuck Z: Blair Walsh‘s short distance problems come back to bite him. Huge leg but has had some accuracy issues.


Dave A: Choketastic.

Pete: What’s up with the laces? Maybe the ball is softer? Looks like all Wild Cards are advancing.

Shane: Blair Walsh is going to get Mark Richt fired.

Andy: That actually happened, right?

Dave A: How many crazy playoff games has Seattle been on either side of in Carroll’s tenure? The Beastmode upset, the crazy comeback and then loss at Atlanta, the absurd Green Bay game last year, the Super Bowl last year …

Shane: Crazy games follow Pete Carroll. Think back to his USC days.

Chuck Z: Regarding laces, the snapper is supposed to get rotations right with holder correcting, if it is an issue. But in this weather neither of those things are easy.

Dan G: There’s no “didn’t use Peterson enough” excuse. 23 carries. Only 45 yards.

Dave A: Peterson was the LVP today. The fumble really hurt and he kept digging holes looking for big plays. He had a -7 yard run at one point. It is hard for a RB to have a -7 yard run.

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