The Best of ITP From 2015

The editors have put their heads together and offered the best of ITP from 2015. Enjoy the collection, thank you for all the support, and look for more great content in 2016.

The ITP Football Term Glossary

The best football glossary on the internet debuted in August, and it continues to be updated daily. From A Gap to Z Receiver, this glossary has you covered.

Three Reasons Marcus Mariota Should Go #1 Overall

Before the 2015 NFL Draft, Mark Schofield made the case for Marcus Mariota to be selected before Jameis Winston.

Do. Your. Job. — The Ninkovich Sack No One Will Remember

With the New England Patriots down 10 points in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, Rob Ninkovich made a huge play on a 3rd down that few remember, but Brian Filipiak says fans should not forget.

Reporting As Ineligible: An Appreciation

James Mastrangelo looks at the play that had John Harbaugh perplexed and helped show that the Patriots were the better coached team in their playoff victory over the Baltimore Ravens.

Colts’ Punter Pat McAfee Runs A Fake Punt: Designed or Improvised?

Special teams’ expert Chuck Zodda breaks down a fourth down conversion by Pat McAfee, who seemed to run the fake on his own.

The NFL QB Merry-Go-Round

Dave Archibald looks at the state of the NFL quarterbacks and finds that it is better to have an “overpaid” slightly above average quarterback than you may think.

Stepping Up: The Footwork of Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston

Mark Schofield breaks down the footwork of the top two QBs from the 2016 draft class.

What Did I Just Watch? An NFLPA Agent Explains The Combine

The ITP editors had the good fortune of asking an agent about the process that is the NFL Combine.

Fumbling The Data: The Truth About The Patriots Fumble Rate

Daryl Sng set the world straight regarding the truth about the New England Patriots fumble rate.

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