This Week in Football Writing: November 23, 2015

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football content to our readers. This Week in Football Writing collects some of our favorite pieces from friends and colleagues last week and shares them with you.

Surviving and Thriving: Chancellor Lee Adams Turns 16

The Charlotte Observer’s Scott Fowler profiles the son that of former Carolina Panther Rae Carruth conspired to murder 16 years ago.

A Quarterback and His Game Plan Part 1: Five Days to Learn 171 Plays

Peter King writes an in-depth article on how Carson Palmer prepares for upcoming games, by digesting a game plan using film, handwritten notes, and even virtual reality.

Dear Angry Mom, Cam Newton Is Not The Problem – Fans Like You Are

SI’s Julie DiCaro with an epic takedown of the mother who penned an op-ed criticizing Cam Newton for “dabbing” after scoring a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans.

3 Super Bowl Winning Teams That Were Destined to be Dynasties But Then Actually No, Not Really, Sorry

Kenneth Arthur analyzes three teams (’96 Packers, ’99 Rams, & ’02 Buccaneers) that were well positioned to become NFL dynasties to see why each organization fell short of achieving that fame.

Chill Out on Teddy Bridgewater

At the Daily Norseman, Arif Hasan analyzes Teddy Bridgewater’s development against his peers and other veterans using an analysis that combines statistics and film.

Doctors Couldn’t Find Out What Was Wrong With Michael Keck, But Football Star Knew it Would Kill Him

Sam Mellinger profiles Missouri football star Michael Keck, who died at 25 years old of an advanced case of CTE, so severe researchers had never seen it so advanced in such a young person.

Torell Troup: The One Drafted a Pick Ahead of Rob Gronkowski

The Buffalo News’ Tyler Dunne chronicles the tragic and  injury shortened career of Torrell Troup, who was drafted by the Bills one pick before the New England Patriots selected Rob Gronkowski. Dunne goes in depth on how Troup was encouraged by coaches to play through a serious back injury.

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