This Week In Football Writing: October 19, 2015

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football content to our readers. This Week in Football Writing collects some of our favorite pieces from friends and colleagues last week and shares them with you.

Relive the famed ‘Bush Push’ game with the USC and Notre Dame players on the field

Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times collected the stories and subplots in this fascinating oral history, as told by the players on the field.

Book Excerpt: Daniel Snyder and the Unreal Power of NFL Owners

Mike Freeman has a new book coming out on the unreal power of NFL owners? Sold.

Seattle Seahawks Punter Jon Ryan Has Choice Words For Brian Billick’s ‘Ignorant Comment’

Todd Milles has Jon Ryan representing specialists everywhere. Fun fact:  Zodda didn’t submit this item.

The Grit to Take on the World

Emily Kaplan profiles this season’s breakout fantasy football star, Devonta Freeman who studies all the angles.

The NFL’s Absurd Celebration Penalties

Aaron Nagler on Cheesehead TV takes the NFL to task in the most entertaining video of week.

Steelers Film Room: Getting Vick Out Of The Pocket

Alex Kozora with a terrific break down of of a concept  the Pittsburgh Steelers should be using to get Michael Vick out on the edge where his skills as maximized.

2016 NFL Draft Week Seven Roundup

Justin Higdon is one of the great college football scouts working at Draft Breakdown and his week 7 recap reminds us the draft is 191 days away.

What The Hell Were The Titans Thinking On 3rd-and-23?

Stephen White asks, and answers, the above question with such detail, precision, and passion, he could only be an ex-player.

Exchanging Jerseys: A Soccer Tradition Takes Off In The NFL

Ben Shpigel with a look at the exchange of jerseys between players, postgame, showing respect for opponents as competitors.

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