This Week In Football Writing: October 5, 2015

Inside The Pylon works to deliver quality football articles to our readers. In case you missed it, our friends and colleagues produce high-level football writing every day. This Week in Football Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces from the last week and shares them with you.

Threats. Vitriol. Hate. Ugly Truth About Women In Sports And Social Media

Julie DiCaro has been the target of social media harassment and threats ‒ not for the first time ‒ because she did her job. The treatment of women on social media is deplorable, and it needs to stop. 

Roman Oben: What My Mom Taught Me About Football

Roman Oben, the NFL Director of Youth and High School Football, reflects on forging his mother’s signature on the permission slip allowing him to join his 8th grade team.

The Film Room: I Come To Praise The Carolina Panthers

Matt Weston of Battle Red Blog has a comprehensive look at how the Panthers have built a playoff team that uses scheme to mask it’s personnel flaws.

Week 3 X’s & O’s Concept Review

Daniel Syed, a contributor to the ITP Glossary, does a weekly film review of NFL passing concepts. Dan will join the ITP Podcast later this week to discuss Week 4.

The Education Of Stephen Belichick

Mark Daniels of the Providence Journal profiles New England Patriots coach Stephen Belichick, son of Bill and grandson of Steve, and how he does his job in Foxboro.

Run-first Rams’ Struggles Go Beyond The Basics

Nick Wagoner breaks down the philosophical problems of the St. Louis offensive scheme – and why the fixes won’t be easy.

Patriots’ Innovative Offensive Line Combos Make Foes Dizzy

Jeff Howe looks at the use of multiple offensive line combinations through three games, as the Patriots have used three rookies and veteran depth to replace their interior linemen from last season’s unit.

Bart Scott: ‘Nothing tough about Tom Brady … he looks like a dork’

Ryan Wilson compiles a report on Bart Scott’s latest statements, complete with convincing visual evidence of the second part of the claim.

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