This Week In Football Writing: September 8, 2015

Inside The Pylon works tirelessly to deliver quality football articles to our readers. In case you missed it, our friends and colleagues produce high-level football writing every day. This Week in Football Writing pulls together some of our favorite pieces from the last week and shares them with you.

Washington Just Sinks Lower and Lower, with No End in Sight

Mike Freeman dives deep into the quagmire that is the Washington Football Club, hitting all the lowlights along the way and ending with the cruel and tragic shenanigans of the 2015 preseason.

As The NFL Opens Up The Air, DBs Are Sitting Ducks

Danny Kelly looks at how new, stricter enforcement of rules designed to open up the passing game have radically changed the game, and why it might never be the same.

What If Your Team Had Suffered The Same Offseason Fate As The Niners?

Ryan Nanni can help you understand just what happened to the San Francisco 49ers this offseason by “Ninerizing” your favorite team’s roster.

How Tom Brady Gets New England In The Right Play So Often

Alex Kirby wrote a book breaking down every play in Super Bowl XLIXand in this excerpt, he shows how the Patriots use every bit of information the can gather, pre-snap.

The Seahawks’ Run Game: Understanding the Zone Blocking Scheme

Mike Chan wrote this piece in February of 2014 and it’s just as good today. A comprehensive primers on how the Seahwaks run game under Tom Cable is designed and implemented.

Hard Knocks: Playing Defense With TCU’s Gary Patterson

Chris B. Brown looks at the innovative 4-2-5 scheme employed by the Horned Frogs that can adjust on the fly to no-huddle or spread offenses that pepper the CFB landscape.


Our friends at The Scouting Academy begin their next term on September 14th.

Finally, today Inside The Pylon turns one. We thank our readers, and all of the great writers we’ve featured in these weekly pieces. We have learned so much from you. Keep up the great work.


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