Inside the Pylon and The Scouting Academy Announce Collaboration

Academy Director Dan Hatman Set to Guest Write For Inside the Pylon,
Inside The Pylon to Provide Glossary Material to The Scouting Academy

The Scouting Academy and Inside the Pylon will be partnering in an effort to bring more premium content to both organizations. Academy director Dan Hatman will be guest writing a short series of articles for Inside the Pylon, both organizations announced Tuesday.

In addition to the articles Hatman will be writing, Inside the Pylon will also be constructing a football term glossary for The Scouting Academy that will be used in the introductory modules of its scouting course. These terms will include critical concepts for new students to learn as they seek to become well-versed in scouting the intricacies of the game.

David R. McCullough, editor-in-chief of Inside the Pylon noted, “The Scouting Academy, led by Dan Hatman and other great football minds such as Louis Riddick, Jerry Angelo, and Mike Martz, do a great job of teaching students tested and proven ways to evaluate football players. The writers, editors and staff of Inside the Pylon look forward to helping the Scouting Academy develop the next generation of football decision-makers.”

Hatman concurred, stating, “There is not a lack of football analysis going on in this space, but there is a lack of high quality content and analysis that deepens knowledge about the game and caters to an under-served audience. Inside the Pylon is unique in how they are breaking down the game we all love and providing an outlet to dedicated fans. I am proud to have the opportunity to share my insight on Inside the Pylon and look forward to what we can do together for the football community.”

The collaboration is brought on by the desire of both organizations to provide compelling and educational content for readers, which will be immediately available to subscribers of Inside The Pylon and students of The Scouting Academy. Hatman brings the perspective of a veteran NFL scout with over 10 years of coaching and scouting in both the professional and College Ranks.

About The Scouting Academy

The Scouting Academy is an online-based educational system designed to educate students in the player evaluation process of real NFL Teams. Established by former NFL scout Dan Hatman, the Academy serves to establish a standard in education for students seeking to enter the National Football League in a player personnel capacity. By utilizing an online platform, the Scouting Academy offers a 16 week comprehensive curriculum seeking to develop students at their own pace. The Academy is supplemented by the knowledge and experience of several NFL Alumni including former Bears GM Jerry Angelo, current NFL Analyst Louis Riddick, and former NFL Head Coach Mike Martz, among other instructors.

About Inside The Pylon

Inside the Pylon is home to some of the most comprehensive football analysis available on the web today. Established with the intent of delivering content as rich in education as it is in entertainment, Inside the Pylon seeks to cover the professional and collegiate ranks from various perspectives including film study, statistical analysis, sports medicine, and long form editorial content.

Communications Coordinator, The Scouting Academy
Emmanuel Barrera
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